Buried treasure

Today was a long, strange day that began very early.

I awoke to the sound of my alarm (as usual), and a sky illuminated by lightning (not so usual), and while it was not the most productive of crochet days, I did (as I sorted through the piles of things that needed sorting) find some long-forgotten crochet treasures (at least to me).

While sorting myriad yarn scraps by color family, I came across this:

The previously missing square

A simple, but I think elegant, square I designed one day while I waited at my son’s trumpet lesson. I had gotten the idea for it about two lessons previous, but there were small details to work out that gave me fits. I was thrilled when I got all of the bugs worked out, and just last week, I was wondering where it was.

As I cleared layer up on layer of all manner of yarn and motifs, I eventually reached this:

An experiment in overlay crochet

Begun shortly after I completed Melody MacDuffee’s Overlay crochet course (then available through correspondence; now available at Scribd), I have no idea how I made it, but I am pleased with the result.

The last item of interest I unearthed were the pieces to a project I think of as a cat runner, the purpose of which is to protect the sofa in the photo from Stripes, the cat who is also in the photo:

My cat comandeers the sofa for shedding

In an effort to de-fur the sofa, I bought this new product (which works spectacularly well):

My absolutely AMAZING fur fighter

and began piecing together the squares needed to complete this “cat runner,” a kind of protective layer to reduce the amount of cat hair embedded in the sofa:

I find the much needed cat runner that has yet to be finished

By the time the sun set, the rain had cleared and pollen had begun to fall, dusting the world in a coat of yellow, and now, as I write this post, the clouds have rolled in, and the cycle is beginning anew.

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4 thoughts on “Buried treasure

  1. I thought I was the only one that had “fits”. I want to learn overlay crochet,you did an excellent job. Hope Stripes likes his runner. Pollen what Pollen, where???:)

  2. We’ve had pollen here for a few weeks now. It’s really thick.

    I like it when I go searching through my stuff and find things I had forgotten about and didn’t finish.

  3. Pollen — awful this year! Finally got out of the hospital yesterday late afternoon. What an ordeal this has become — and a good coating of pollen on my lungs does not help! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

  4. Love them! Thanks for the tip. Shadow, one of my cats, loves to leave his fur everywhere, especially on the couch. Am going to look for that Fur Fighter!

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