Boo-Boo’s Fourth of July

Boo-Boo is an amigurumi tiger I designed at the request of my youngest son. Boo-Boo made his first appearance in this blog in late March when I traveled to California.

Today, Boo-Boo found himself in Washington, D.C., celebrating Independence Day 2010.

What follows are a few of the places Boo-Boo went and a few of the things he saw.

Boo-Boo started the day by taking the Metro from Arlington, Virginia to Washington, D.C.

Boo-Boo at the Rosslyn metro station

Once he got off the train he headed over to the mall where he saw this float.

Boo-Boo poses on a float

Boo-Boo loves art, and Henry Moore is one of his favorite sculptors, so naturally, he insisted that I take this photo.

Boo-Boo posing by his favorite Henry Moore sculpture

Next, a picture of Boo-Boo at the carousel.

Boo-Boo at the carousel on the National Mall

Here Boo-Boo can be seen attempting to scale the Washington Monument.

Boo-Boo at the Washington Monument

Here is Boo-Boo beside another sculpture outside the Natural History Museum.

Boo-Boo with a very large, very hard sculpture of a head

Boo-Boo at the garden outside the United States Department of Agriculture.

Boo-Boo in a vegetable garden

Boo-Boo on his way to Arlington National Cemetery to watch the fireworks.

Boo-Boo on his way to Arlington National Cemetery
Boo-Boo hanging out in Arlington, Virginia

Boo-Boo playing on a traffic cone.

Boo-Boo playing on a traffic cone

Boo-Boo’s view of the Washington Monument just before sunset.

Washington Monument just before sunset, July 4, 2010

A few of the fireworks Boo-Boo saw.

Fireworks II
Fireworks III
Fireworks IV

I hope everyone had as safe and happy a holiday as Boo-Boo did.

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    1. Indeed, he did. I’m so glad he thought to take me along to document his travels.

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