Boo-Boo Returns Home

Boo-Boo had a long, exhausting trip today.

The morning started with a drive from West Hollywood to LAX and a bag of snack mix before landing in Portland, Oregon, where he was able to grab some breakfast at Top Dog and watch ESPN with analysis of last night’s NCAA Championship game. He also stopped and got a maple bar (which he is, sadly, unable to find on the East Coast) at Coffee People before boarding a plane for the second leg of his flight.

Another bag of snack mix later, Boo-Boo deplaned in Chicago where he had just enough time to walk from the gate where he had landed to the K concourse and eat the maple bar.

Finally, after the sun had set, Boo-Boo arrived on the other side of the continent where, in his absence, the pine trees had begun to shed copious amounts of pollen.

Now, safely home, Boo-Boo is taking a few minutes to check on his farm at Farmville before heading off to bed:

crochet amigurumi tiger
Boo-Boo the crochet tiger at Farmville

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