Boo-Boo goes to Wilson, North Carolina

Today, after my son’s trumpet lessons, our travels took us about fifty miles east to Wilson, North Carolina.

On April 16, 2011, when a series of storms swept through the southeastern United States, one of those storms produced a tornado that touched down in Wilson and caused damage to several businesses. Boo-Boo the ever intrepid and curious amigurumi tiger wanted to see what had happened.

When we arrived in Wilson, our first stop was the Cook-Out® restaurant, located across the street with a good view of where the tornado of the previous week had formed. My son and I each got a Cook-Out Tray, while Boo-Boo grabbed a table outside

Boo-Boo grabs a seat outside at the Cook-Out in Wilson, North Carolina

and enjoyed the view and a soda:

Boo-Boo enjoys a diet soda while waiting for a break in the rain

After lunch, we drove around town to view some of the damage. While clearly a lot of work had been done to clear out the debris and clean up the damage, this tree which had been whole before the storm appeared to have had something slice right through it:

Boo-Boo inspects damage to the tree sustained during the recent tornado


A close-up of Boo-Boo in the storm damaged tree

The people and communities that suffered damage and losses in the wake of last week’s storms will recover with time, and like the tree in which Boo-Boo sits, many of them will never be quite the same. But my hope is that the people and communities affected find a way to renew themselves and persist.

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    1. Apparently someone in those apartments got some footage of the tornado either as it formed or as it moved into town. As for Cook-Out®, it is definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

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