Banbry Crossing

There are times in one’s life when an opportunity presents itself, and walking away is not an option.

Such was the case when I had the opportunity to purchase some vintage wool. While I was not enchanted with the color:

Yarn purchased from my son's trumpet teacher

I could not turn down vintage wool at a dollar a skein, and I didn’t.

But now that I am working to organize my crochet empire/guestroom and consolidate my vast stores of yarn, I am having to evaluate the utility of all of my holdings.

It turned out that since I still need several more stash bags to contain my yarn holdings, and since the yarn is wool that can be felted, the yarn is perfect for a felted stash bag. So, I wound the skeins into a balls, got out my 8.0 mm hook, and using this pattern, got to work.

The color is one I don’t often see, so I was surprised when I stumbled across some tiles in a public space today that appeared to be a close match:

I inadvertently find tile that matches the yarn

Each stash bag I make is its own adventure, and while I don’t know exactly how this stash bag will turn out, I know that it will be an interesting journey with interesting detours and that I will, whether I want to or not, learn something along the way.

The most recent stash bag-to-be chills at the beach

Then later in the day, at a nearby beach, where I had been able to get in a little more crochet, I took this photo of the future stash bag relaxing on the sand.

Hopefully, the stash bag will be able to get in a little more beach time tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Banbry Crossing

  1. 8.0 mm for the ones you felt, eh? I learn EVERY time I come here. 🙂 Interesting… I’ve NEVER felted this method before. (I did a tiny little project using wet/soap method once during a trip to Florida to visit a fab friend who teaches various methods of everything yarny. (except crochet)

    You’re so COOL, Leslie! 🙂

  2. Someone on my facebook page showed an afghan that they were trying to do a repeat of from yarn they got at a yardsale. She said one of the colors she believes was Limeade green and the label she thinks said Branbry. Do you make this yarn and if so do you still have it?? Would like to help her get it. She is short 1-2 skeins!! Thank you!

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