Another day, some more tetrominos!

My mom got to take her pocket purse out for the first time today:

hot red crochet purse
One side of the finished pocket purse

It was a smashing success.

Not only did she have everything she needed (keys, wallet, and cellphone) within arms’ reach, she also had her hands free and was able to navigate her errands without having to clutch a purse in her hands or leave it in a shopping cart.

As for me, once I had completed some long overdue household chores, I spent what was left of my day crocheting more tetriminos.

According to my calculations, I will need a total of 110 tetriminos, and today, I got 7 tetriminos closer to that goal with two Js:

two crochet tetromino Js
Two new crochet tetromino Js

another Z which looked exactly like yesterday’s, so I didn’t include a photo, and four tetriminos that could be used to spell out the word LIST:

words with crochet tetrominos LIST

One of my goals when I crocheted today was to work toward having three of each tetrimino.

I reached my goal, and here are the twenty-one tetriminos as they posed for a group photo:

crochet tetrominos
Another possible arrangement for the crochet tetrominos

A some point, I am going to have to commit to one arrangement or another and set aside any doubts I have and being the process of joining the tetriminos, one to the other, one stitch at a time.

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