And then there were nine (almost)

Having completed eight of the ten hats I need for a Christmas celebration for my cousins and their friends, yesterday I went into my crochet empire/guest room in search of more stash to be busted and found a partial skien of Red Heart Super Saver Claret that was perfect for the task at hand.

Returning to Beth Hall’s Crochet Seafarer’s Cap pattern with my partial skein and an 5.5 mm hook, I got to work, and in no time, I found myself very close to (but not quite) done:

claret crochet hat
Claret seafarer’s crochet cap

Meanwhile, when I felt I needed a break from all of that claret loveliness, I ventured back into the crochet empire/guestroom and retrieved a skein of Red Heart Super Saver cornmeal to make an extra hat for tricking out:

future ribbed stitch crochet hat
A cornmeal seafarer’s crochet cap to-be

There is still a fair amount of work to be done between now and the Christmas party, and I have no idea how I will complete all of my planned Christmas gifts (I might have to give them as St. Valentine’s Day gifts), but I continue moving forward, one stitch at a time.

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2 thoughts on “And then there were nine (almost)

  1. I love that claret color! And isn’t it fun to visit your stash and find a yarn you’d completely forgotten about? Especially when there’s enough of it to complete a project!! To me, it’s like going yarn shopping all over again. (And with the size of my stash, I’m sure my honey wishes I’d do more of the in-home kind of yarn shopping! Haha!)

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