And then there were eight

A much needed spring break is drawing to a close, and I am hoping that the restorative nature of such a break carries me through to the end of my son’s school year.

As is true every spring, the days are packed with things that need to be done; things that were deferred while winter held court, and this year, it seems, winter was loathe to set us free.

But spring is now here. A bit more tentative than usual, but here, nonetheless.

So today, after I had walked the dog and done a couple of loads of laundry, I sat down with my crochet and worked on the turqua basket.

I finished one round and then another and another until finally, the basket was done:

Turqua crochet basket for Ikea Expedit
A turqua crochet basket

Then I wove in the ends, trimmed them, gathered up the seven other baskets, (the first of which I began work on around the Ides of January) and got this photo of their interiors:

crochet baskets ikea expedit
An interior view of the crochet baskets

and this view from the side:

crochet baskets ikea expedit
Eight crochet baskets ready for my Ikea Expedit

I am enjoying this moment of feeling that I have gotten something done, but tomorrow, after my son has gotten on the school bus and the dog has been walked, I will begin filling the completed baskets with things that need organizing, and as is true of so many of my domestic adventures, I don’t really know where this journey will take me or when it will end.

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3 thoughts on “And then there were eight

  1. Those baskets are fabulous. So pretty and useful!!! I’m moving soon and I think I might have a need for baskets like those, so I will most likely be copying you.

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