Amigurumi Traveling Companion

My youngest son and I were traveling today; in addition to the usual necessities we also brought his faithful Tiger, Boo-Boo.

My son is an avid Calvin and Hobbes fan, and Boo-Boo is an amigurmi tiger I designed at my son’s request. Boo-Boo travels with us pretty much everywhere, and today was no exception. So while I did not get much crochet done, Boo-Boo did oversee our travels and made sure we arrived safely.

Here is a photo of Boo-Boo watching our luggage while we grabbed some breakfast:

A crochet tiger at O'Hare Airport
Boo-Boo the crochet tiger at O’Hare Airport

and here he is at the shoeshine stand at SFO:

crochet tiger at SFO
Boo-Boo the crochet tiger at a shoeshine stand in SFO

Since Boo-Boo doesn’t wear shoes, it didn’t matter that there was no one working at the shoeshine stand today, but Boo-Boo does like sitting in shoeshine stand chairs and having his picture taken.

Please check in this week to see what other adventures Boo-Boo embarks on.

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