Aging UFOs

While I was looking for something else in my future crochet empire/guest room, I came across a zippered plastic bag that stores some of the pieces of an afghan I began in late 2000. If this unfinished afghan were a child, this would be the summer between third and fourth grade:

crochet laprobe
Pieces for the Stained-Glass Crochet Laprobe

The pattern, from the the July/August 2000 issue of Piecework, is for a stained-glass lap robe/baby afghan.

I had agonized for weeks over what yarn to buy and had carefully selected a felted merino wool roving that was then offered by Classic Elite yarns and used a red-handle Inox H-hook (which I have since lost and still miss) to make the pieces. But this project was begun early in my crochet career, and while I was very taken with the pattern, I was particularly lacking in the assembling-things skills department, so once the pieces were made, they languished.

I now have the skills and all of the tools I need to complete this project, so maybe it’s time to truly put this lap robe/baby afghan to bed.

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