African beads crochet table cozy

On the calendar at my house, March 14 (also known as Pi Day) does not pass without notice.

My youngest son wears his pi t-shirt (thank you Think Geek!), and no doubt I will be prevailed upon (with success) to get a suitable dessert that coordinates with the occasion.

So, in advance of both Pi Day and the impending arrival of house guests, I got out this long mothballed project and worked on it with the hope that I would be able to move it from the UnFinished Object pile and put it to use covering the table top of my outdoor office before the next week starts:

My as-yet-to-be completed table cozy for my outdoor office

Based on the African beads circular throw, one of 25 very original pieces in Melody Griffiths book, Crocheted Afghans:

Melody Griffiths "Crocheted Afghans"

I eliminated the first round, and instead chained a large loop that created a round hole in the center

The throw, while not exactly small, is still of a size that I could take it with me to my son’s trumpet lesson. Here is the edge of the project before the trumpet lesson:

The edge of the table cozy before the trumpet lesson

and here is the edge of the project after the trumpet lesson:

The edge of the table cozy after the trumpet lesson and before dinner

Because there are 16 repeats and because it had been over a year since I last worked on it, my progress was not as rapid as I had hoped, but progress is progress, and the stitches of this throw are very interesting to work.

Detail of the African beads crochet throw

Just as I was starting to once again get the hang of manipulating the two different colors of yarn that I was using in alternate stitches, the sun started to set on the day. I was able to get this last photo before it got dark:

The African bead crochet throw inspired table cozy

Tomorrow with some luck and even more diligence, I am hoping that I get to celebrate Pi Day by sitting down to an after dinner cup of coffee at a table festooned with this psychedelic throw.

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3 thoughts on “African beads crochet table cozy

  1. pi day….how fun…thanks for sharing

    I’m a little embarassed for not knowing about it, since mathematics was my major in college and I’m literally blocks from Princeton.

    The throw is very nice. I hope you finish in time.

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