Adding to my crochet bucket list

With a birthday ending in zero having just passed, I decided I should add to my crochet bucket list so that I don’t miss anything I absolutely, positively have to crochet.

Coming in at number 94 is this scrumptious throw/shawl from Drops Design.


Aptly named Delight, this throw looks like it would be the perfect accessory for a crisp fall afternoon. After the transcendent fun I had making the circle jacket from Drops Design, I have a high degree of confidence in this pattern.

Coming in at 93 are these pillows published in Crochet Today! Mar/Apr 2010.

Your great-aunts pillows

While I love the texture and general fun factor of these pillows, I have to admit, I am secretly hoping that the mere act of making them and putting them on my sofa will straighten up the room as well as it did the staging for the photo. I am, most likely, attributing powers to the pillows that they do not possess, but I think the design is exquisite, and even if the pillows don’t magically make a room well-ordered, they will have been well worth making.

Last on my list tonight and coming in at 92 is Eileen Tepper’s Nubby Brim Cloche available as a free download from

Eileen Tepper's Nubby Brim Cloche

The designer, Eileen Tepper, is not only an awesome crocheteuse who designs and creates amazingly fun crochet stuff, she is also an accomplished actress and singer based out of NYC.

So, these are three things that I am looking to one day add to my finished objects.

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3 thoughts on “Adding to my crochet bucket list

  1. your comment…Don’t you just love that Drops Throw. I do. I’ve been looking at it over and over again, but I don’t (yet) have the courage for such a large project.

    1. I do love it, and after the wonderful experience I had making the circle jacket, I am more than ready to try another pattern from this studio.

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