A walk on the neutral side (sort of)

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Fletcher, North Carolina, to experience the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair.

As I drove east on Interstate 40 from my home toward Fletcher, I stopped at Old Fort, North Carolina, to do a little shopping at the Pisgah Yarn & Dye outlet.

The last time I stopped at Pisgah Yarn & Dye, with the exception of one cone of a double worsted weight cotton in chocolate brown, I purchased a boxful of brightly colored cotton yarns.

This time, however, things were different.

I was, at the time, working on a camouflage circle jacket for a friend of mine, and while I did purchase two cones of double worsted weight cotton yarn that are safely within my color comfort zone,

Apple green and teal blue double worsted weight Peaches & Creme

I also found my eye drawn to some colors that don’t usually excite me.

I buy some neutral colors of Peaches & Creme worsted weight cotton

Still reeling with shock over the subtle and serene nature of the colors I had selected, I also grabbed some of the tangled mill ends which can be purchased by the pound. While I did not yet know that I would, in short order, be purchasing an Incredible Rope Machine, the tangle of yarn provided the fiber adventure chaos I craved.

I buy a tangled web of worsted weight cotton mill ends

So today, hile I was busy finishing the permutations that were missing from my permutation grid, my youngest son got out the Incredible Rope Machine that I had purchased,

The incredible rope machine by Schact Spindle Company

and, with the cat supervising, my son did a few test runs using some of the cotton yarn from the tangle I had gotten at Pisgah Yarn & Dye:

Stripes, the cat, supervises the rope making

With the cat monitoring his every move, my son managed to make several ropes using yarn from the tangle. Here are photos of his more successful tries:

Rope made from Peaches & Creme ombre with the Incredible Rope Machine
Another rope made from Peaches & Creme ombre with the Incredible Rope Machine

As for me, I did, at long last, complete this set of permutations.

I finish the permutations for this configuration
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  1. I love the pictures of the completed set of permutations. I can’t wait to see the finished cat runner!

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