A walk on the beach

This winter was one that came early and then stayed too long, but despite winter’s best efforts my son’s spring break from school has arrived, and today, the weather was perfect.

The skies were clear, the air was just a bit moist (without being oppressively humid), and a quick check of weather.com showed that as perfect as the weather was in Raleigh, it was even more perfect in Wrightsville Beach.

So, after I had finished with a number of errands (each of which took longer than I expected), I decided that despite the fact that it was already mid-afternoon, my son and I would pack up our things and head to the beach.

We would not have a lot of time to spend there, but I figured that even a not-long-enough walk and dinner at the beach were better than the alternative.

Because my son was willing to humor me and set out on this last minute trek to the beach, he got to choose all of the music for the drive. As we made our way from the piedmont to the coast and back again, we listened to dozens of the 100 United States Marine Band marches that he had at his disposal.

As we zoomed past the mile markers and billboards along the side of the road, he attempted to educate me as to various aspects and features of different marches, and would then periodically play selections and identify the march’s country of origin.

By the time we reached Wrightsville Beach, I was able to distinguish between French, German, English, and Sousa marches well enough to please my son.

Before we began our walk on the beach, he humored me just a bit more, and I was able to get some photos of blankets on the beach. In the limited time available, I got this photo of my first rendition of the Better Homes & Gardens Granny Square Sampler Afghan:

crochet granny squares crochet blanket crochet afghan
The afghan that eluded me

My 2010 North Carolina State Fair effort:

crochet hilbert curve crochet afghan crochet blanket crochet squares
The crochet Hilbert Curve at the beach

The groovyghan (which I could not get to behave):

groovy crochet blanket crochet afghan crochet squares
A disheveled crochet groovyghan

My 2011 North Carolina State Fair piece:

crochet quilt crochet afghan crochet blanket crochet squares
My 2011 North Carolina State Fair crochet project

and Cookieghan 2.0:

crochet cookies crochet blanket crochet afghan
Crochet Cookieghan 2.0 in the sand

I had promised my son that I would be quick about it, so we packed the blankets up as quickly as we had set them out, and then headed down the beach toward Johnnie Mercer’s Pier:

Johnnie Mercer's Pier Wrightsville Beach NC
Johnnie Mercer’s Pier Wrightsville Beach NC

and then back to where we had started out just in time to see this contrail on the horizon:

contrail wrightsville beach NC
Contrail as seen from Wrightsville Beach

After a quick dinner, we headed home, and while I always find my time at the beach to be too short, I also find it very restorative, and just as I don’t ever regret a single stitch of crochet, I have not yet experienced a bad day at the beach.

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7 thoughts on “A walk on the beach

  1. I LOVE that Cookieghan!!! The colors & pattern are fantastic (pattern anywhere?)… it wasn’t until I looked around you site some more that I realized they were really cookies! That makes it even more adorable.

  2. Such a mystery – I suddenly stopped receiving my daily Crochetbug emails! But thanks to your archives, I’m all caught up and, now, absolutely enthralled by the beach pix of your ‘ghans. Can’t decide which one I like best. Kinda, sorta leaning toward the BH&G Sampler but then again the Groovy really lives up to its name. Decisions, decisions…!

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