A very long Monday

Today started very early and seemed to go on and on without end until finally the sun set.

There were more things than usual to be coordinated, and I managed to get them done, but each one seemed to be by the skin of my teeth, so it was with much relief when I finally sat down and started working on a bag I began last Thursday.

I had been inspired by this photo of Lu Lingzi, one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing:

Lu Lingzi with a crochet bag
Lu Lingzi with a crochet bag

The bag seemed to embody an element of joy that had been stolen by last Monday’s events, and while I have not yet completed the bag or done it justice, I did make some headway.

First, I removed four rows of the half double stitches:

crochet rectangle crochet purse
The crochet bag to-be after frogging four rows

so that when I folded the crochet fabric in half to join the side seams, the result was a shape whose proportions I found more pleasing:

ribbed stitch crochet purse
The future crochet purse folded in half

Once I had the side seams joined (using a single crochet through both loops of both sides being joined) I worked on adding a bit of height and narrowing the mouth of the bag-to-be:

ribbed stitch crochet purse
The future crochet purse with the sides joined

By the time I had gotten that done, it was nearly 3:30, and my son and I needed to head out the door to get to his trumpet lesson on time. While we were there I managed to amuse myself by working on the elements of a strap for the purse (which involves an idea I am not altogether certain will work) and making a yellow tetrimino “O” for the second panel of the Tetrisghan:

yellow crochet tetromino
A yellow tetrimino for the second panel of the crochet Tetrisghan

Tomorrow will, no doubt, have it’s challenges, but I should have a bit more time to just sit and watch the world go by.

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