A sudoku surprise

Somedays I work at something, and now matter how hard I try, my progress, if any, seems somehow small and insufficient when compared with the effort I put forth.

Today was exactly the opposite of that.

Shortly before I was due to go out for a previously scheduled appointment, I ventured into the area of my home known as the “yarn annex,” a part of the attic that can only be accessed through a door in my youngest son’s room.

My purpose in entering the no-man’s-land of a 15-year-old boy’s room to get to what amounts to a vast yarn closet was to search out a partial skein of Red Heart Super Saver plum pudding that I know is in there — somewhere.

I turned out that my efforts to find the plum pudding yarn were in vain, but while I was sorting through one bin of yarn and then another, I stumbled on this bag:

Mystery bag that I found in my yarn annex
Mystery bag that I found in my yarn annex

which contained, as it turned out, most of the crocheted pieces from my first effort to make the six sudoku afghan including these two completed puzzles that I had not yet remade in my most recent effort to complete this project:

Recently unearthed puzzles 1 and 2 of the six sudoku afghan
Recently unearthed puzzles 1 and 2 of the six sudoku afghan

To say that I was delighted does not quite describe the combination of joy and relief that I felt, and once I had finished with my previously scheduled appointment, my mother joined me for a celebratory cup of coffee at my favorite local coffee shop.

Once I had done the requisite celebrating, I headed home, and got to work.

First, I soaked the two newly discovered sudoku puzzles squares along with a third that I had recently completed, ran all three through the “spin only” cycle of my washing machine, and then laid them out to dry.

Next, I got out my Clover bent-tipped yarn needle and set to joining what is now the “fifth” sudoku puzzle.

Then with a bit of daylight still at my disposal, I made as much progress as I could on what is now the sixth and final sudoku.

In less than 24 hours the six sudoku afghan was transformed from this:

An overview of the sudoku afghan as of December 26, 2012
An overview of the sudoku afghan as of December 26, 2012

to this:

The six sudoku afghan nearing completion
The six sudoku afghan nearing completion

This “discovery” of so much work that had been set aside to languish in my yarn annex is bringing me to the realization that one of my first orders of business for the new year has to be to bring order to the business of my crochet.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the serendipitous moment, I also realize that a more ordered crafting arrangement will free up my time and put the many resources I have to better use, but until then, I am going to revel in the joy of getting so much work done “overnight”!

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  1. Hurray! and AMEN to your New Year’s Resolution. I’m right there with you. Happy New Year and I wish you a 2013 filled with good health and lots of magical Crochet Moments.

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