A sock monkey inspired goat

My goat obsession has not yet run its course, and so using this cow sculpture for inspiration:

A sock monkey inspired cow sculpture at UNC Hospitals
A sock monkey inspired cow sculpture at UNC Hospitals

I took hook to available yarns and attempted to crochet a goat that was, like the cow, an homage to the ever popular sock monkey.

Using Red Heart Super Saver colors buff, aran, and cherry red, here is what I came up with:

sock monkey crochet goat
A sideview of my sock monkey inspired goat

Here is the same goat looking rather fierce:

sock money crochet goat
My sock monkey inspired goat looking rather fierce

and here he is frolicking with the other goats I have completed:

Three amigurumi goats
Three goats frolicking on the back deck

At the rate I crochet goats, I do not expect that I will have a tree full of them by Thursday, but it will not be for lack of effort on my part, and in the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying my crochet goat adventure.

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