A practically perfect weekend

I had hoped that a practically perfect weekend would result in a finished (but slightly smaller) practically perfect granny square bag, but as usually happens with weekends — practically perfect or otherwise — time slipped away from me, and while I did make progress, it fell short of a finished bag.

It started Friday when I decided that the yellow at the center of one of the eight-round squares was not exactly right. I frogged rounds eight, seven, six, and five, and then started with fresh rounds one, two, three, and four, because I really like the way rounds 1 through 4 looked, just not with rounds 5 through 8.

When I finally had that done to my satisfaction, I began work on the two-round granny squares I would need for the combination strap and edging, and by the time the weekend was coming to a close, I had these thirteen (of thirty needed for the finished piece) two-round granny squares done:

two-round granny squares
Lucky thirteen two-round granny squares

as well as fifteen (of sixteen needed for the body of the bag) four-round granny squares:

four-round granny squares
Fifteen of sixteen four-round granny squares needed for the slightly smaller practically perfect granny square bag

and is evident from the above photos, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 ends to be woven in.

I don’t suppose there will ever be a weekend long enough to accommodate all of my crochet dreams, but each day, each hour, and each minute allow me to move one step closer.

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