A no snow “snow day”

Last night somewhere around 8:30 in the evening, Wake County Schools (along with many others school systems in the area), closed schools in advance of what was expected to be a snow storm.

My youngest son could not have been happier.

My internal clock, however, knew it was Tuesday, and (along with my cat) insisted that I get up at the usual week day hour.

With no breakfast to fix or lunch to prepare, I turned my attention the baby-sized cookieghan for my friend’s granddaughter.

I had finished squaring off the cookies on Monday, but had not yet settled on an arrangement.

In the early morning hours, with graph paper and colored pencils in hand, I consulted notes I had made yesterday, looked over photos I had taken with several tentative layout options, and eventually settled on this layout:

template for a crochet cookie blanket
I decide how to arrange the crochet cookies for joining

Then, after breakfast and errands, I got out my bent-tipped yarn needle and went about the business of translating my proposed arrangement into reality and managed to get this far before it was time to take Clooney out for his later afternoon/early evening perambulation:

crochet squares crochet cookies
I begin joining the squares into strips

After all of the fretting and fuming I have done over each of the details of this particular blanket, I am finding that the “every other” square is turning out to be much more compelling than I had hoped.

As for the weather, the most recent report suggests that it will be a snow day with snow, and I will use that enforced quiet as an opportunity to continue work on Amelia’s cookieghan, one stitch at a time.

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One thought on “A no snow “snow day”

  1. In the news we heard (here in the Netherlands) about cold weather and snow in southern parts of the US!
    We saw lots of traffic jams.
    Still no snow around your place?
    Take care!

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