A long, luxurious crochet weekend

This weekend, I spent almost all of my free time working on my crochet, and while I have had to go back to the drawing board on the lunch box (details to follow), I did have some successes.

First up, the small granny basket I crocheted and then bathed in glue finally dried:

stiffened crochet basket
The test basket after the glue dried

and it is pretty close to perfect.

I should have taken more care to saturate the interior of the basket as well as the rim, and the end product would have benefitted from me taking more time to shape it after I soaked it, but overall, I was tremendously pleased with the result, and I will use what I learned going forward.

I also managed to stop an incipient tangle from coming to life and messing with the utility of these two skeins of yarn:

partial skeins of yarn
Two skeins of yarn in need of tidying

Before moving forward with what I had believed would be the last round of the top of the crochet lunchbox, I took advantage of the lovely weather and set myself up outside and wound the unraveling skeins of yarn into balls of yarn, and then used one to finish up what I had expected would be the last round of the crochet lunchbox, and it would have been except for the fact that it fit inside the bottom of the lunchbox:

granny square crochet basket
The top of the crochet lunchbox inside the bottom of the crochet lunchbox

I don’t exactly know how I will remedy this situation, but I like the bottom of the lunchbox well enough that I will soak it in glue (using what I learned from my first effort), and put it to use doing whatever it is baskets do, and I will enjoy wherever the next leg of this crochet adventure takes me.

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