A kitty litter cat mat in need of a border

Had I spent my entire weekend working on the kitty litter cat mat, I would have finished it.

But I didn’t spend my entire weekend working on it.

I got sidetracked, and instead of getting the border done and the ends woven in on the future kitty litter cat mat, I found that by the time the sun was beginning to set on this past weekend, I had gotten just this far:

kitty litter crochet mat
A kitty litter cat mat in need of a crochet border

I got what I thought was a brilliant idea: a cookie-dough-ku — A crochet mash-up of my six sudoku afghan and the cookieghan that I completed last July:

cookieghan crochet blanket
The crochet cookieghan

Instead of numbers or colors, there would be nine different sorts of cookies.

So far, I have finished design work on 5 of them and figured out how to square-off the cookies:

Five crochet cookies
Five crochet cookie for a cookie-dough-ku

Tomorrow, I am going to make finishing the kitty litter cat mat my number one crochet priority, but once that is done, I will allow myself to work on the cookie-dough-ku, unfettered by any judgments about other things that I could or should be doing.

I have been itching to make this project, and this week I am going to dedicate my crochet efforts to scratching that creative itch.

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