A hurry up hostess gift

This Easter my family got invited to dinner for the holiday which absolved me of many of my holiday duties, but left me with a small quandary: what to give to the hostess?

Knowing that anyone who entertains could probably use potholders, I got out my vintage Classic Elite Waterspun felted roving (approximately a DK weight), a 6.5 mm hook, and using Square C-1 of the Better Homes & Gardens Granny Sampler as a foundation upon which to build:

granny square with a crochet circle center
Crochet Square C-1

I got to work.

Following the directions I had written from my previous adventures with this project, and with a few modifications, I had, in short order, finished crocheting both potholders that I had hoped to give my hostess:

wool crochet potholders
Two potholders ready for felting

Unfortunately, we were due to leave the house in just over an hour, and the potholders were still in need of felting.

Working diligently and with a laser-like focus (as well as accepting my husband’s offer to turn the crank of my hand-turned washer in which I do all the felting) I was able to get the potholders done (except for drying) just in time:

felted crochet potholder
One crochet potholder after felting
felted crochet potholder
The other potholder after felting

The dinner was lovely, and I hope that when the potholders dry, my hostess enjoys using them as much as I enjoyed making them.

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