A hurry up blog post

If I ever needed proof that I am not in charge of the universe, today is yet another in a long line of days to add to my my imaginary evidence folder, because if I were in charge of the universe, I would have finished the 2014 World Cup soccer ball in time for the opening kick off.

Instead, I am one pentagon and three hexagons shy of what I need to start the piecing.

I did finish these five pentagons:

crochet pentagons crochet soccer ball
Five pentagons for my 2014 World Cup soccer ball

as well as these four hexagons:

crochet hexagons crochet soccer ball
Four more hexagons for my 2014 World Cup soccer ball

giving me the twenty-eight pieces seen in this group photo:

crochet soccer ball crochet pieces
Group photo of the pieces for my World Cup soccer ball

which, as mentioned earlier, is four pieces shy of what I need to begin to assemble the soccer ball.

And while my personality is one that would like to ruminate on this, I have no time to stew — I have a soccer ball to make!

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3 thoughts on “A hurry up blog post

  1. I do believe that your work here is an amasingly fine idea. Looking forward to se the ball!

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