A double lining day

The second practically perfect granny square bag is coming together, and today, I got one step closer to finishing it.

After getting my son off to school, eating my own breakfast, and taking my dog for a walk, I turned my attention to the double lining.

The fabric was washed and pressed and ready to be transformed, so I took the pattern I had made, drew the lines in pencil directly onto the fabric, and then got out my fabric scissors (which I store out of harm’s way so no on is even tempted to use them for anything other than fabric) and cut out the two pieces of fabric that will form the inner and outer lining of the bag:

granny square bag fabric lining
I cut out the fabric for the double lining of my second practically perfect granny square bag

Then I pinned the bottom seams together, got out a thread and needle, and got to work. I was not working at the fastest pace, but I did finish the bottoms seams on one of the linings, and the other is ready to go:

granny square bag fabric lining
I get one of the linings sewn, and the other one pinned and ready to be sewn

When I was not working on the lining of the bag, I turned my attention to finishing the joining of the edging/straps and weaving in the ends generated by that.

Then I folded the body of the bag and used some removable stitch markers to pin the future seams into place so I could get an idea of how the finished bag will look.

Here is one side:

granny square purse
One side of the crochet bag to-be

and here is the other:

crochet purse
The other side of the crochet bag to-be

One thing about this bag that I am coming to appreciate, is that it cannot be hurried; it can only be enjoyed.

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