A crochet lunchbox to-be in need of a lining, assembly, and tricking out

My crochet lunchbox is not going as quickly as I had hoped, but my impatience at completing the overall design not withstanding, I have, in the past two days, made some progress with my crochet lunch box prototype.

This morning, shortly before lunch, I completed the sides having figured out a way of working them that I liked better than all of the other ways I have tried so far:

An overview of a crochet lunchbox-to-be
An overview of a crochet lunchbox-to-be

With that done, I moved onto crocheting what will be the lid of the lunchbox, but was soon interrupted by the need to eat lunch.

I got back to my work for what seemed like the blink of an eye, and before I knew it, it was time to leave on an extended errands, and as seems to happen with errands, one lead to another, and before I knew it, the afternoon was nearly gone.

Despite, the fact that errands ate most of my afternoon, I picked up my hook, and working as quickly as I could, worked on crocheting the lid, and while the result seemed to be okay, when I laid it out and took a good look at it:

I finish the bottom of the crochet lunchbox
I finish the bottom of the crochet lunchbox

I realized that I should have lined the lunchbox first to get a better idea of what would be needed to make the lid fit properly.

Tomorrow will be a new day, and when I have dispatched my chores, I will pick up my hook and continue my pursuit of a crochet lunchbox one stitch at a time.

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