Crochet contemplation

I am at a point in several of my crochet works in progress where I have to think about what I am going to do before I proceed.

The thinking, so far, has not provided immediate results, so I have been forced into something I call "crochet contemplation."

As part of my crochet contemplation, I spent much of today pouring over multiple projects at Ravelry for the express purpose of seeing how other crocheters have dealt with attaching crochet straps to crochet bags, and while I saw lots of wonderful finished projects and got even more ideas for what I "could" do, I did not have that feeling one gets from making tangible progress, so I set my computer aside and got out my hooks.

The first thing I worked on were a couple of new crochet tension regulators.

Despite having literally dozens of them, the only ones I could find were attached to some other project, so I first made a low-profile tension regulator with a 3.75 mm hook and Red Heart Super Saver grape fizz.

I was impatient, so rather than finishing it off, I used a removable stitch marker to hold the final stitch in place, and I got to work on a second crochet, full-size tension regulator.

Amused at the vision it presented, I took a moment to get out my camera and capture the meta-crochet moment:

crochet tension regulators
Using a crochet tension regulator to make a crochet tension regulator

Shortly after the above photo was taken, I finished both tension regulators and turned my attention to the hyperbolic curlicue tassel for the as yet unfinished felted fat bag.

While I have not yet determined how I will attach the the tassel, I have determined that it is an essential decorative element to the bag as a whole, and after I had crocheted what remained to be crocheted of the tassel, I then made a chain that measures 24 inches long so that I could felt it and know what length I would need to crochet a chain if I decide to use a tie as an element of the closure:

crochet hyperbolic tassel and crochet chain
A hyperbolic crochet tassel and a 24 inch crochet chain

With those two small things done, I decided that maybe the best way to contemplate my current crochet quandary was to work on it. Perhaps, I reasoned, the solution would reveal itself to me in the meditative state that crochet can inspire.

With my recent surfing at Ravelry still fresh in my mind, I decided that some crochet boho hearts would be just the thing, and I got a start on these two before my dog nudged me so that I would not forget to take him on his late afternoon walk:

two crochet hearts
Two crochet hearts to be for the Sangria crochet purse

Some crochet journeys are straightforward -- the path from beginning to end is clear and direct --but other crochet journeys require you to be patient while you explore avenues you didn't even know were there.

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