The days grow shorter

I don’t know what it is about summer, but there is always so much to do, and just as I get into the swing of it, the solstice arrives, and the days begin to get shorter; bit by bit, the available minutes of daylight begin to wane, and while I would love to ruminate on this fact a bit more, there is no time.

After my many and varied travels of late, I had laundry that needed doing, a yarn annex that needs more organizing, and this UFO that, if it were a child, would be a rising third grader:

sunshine and shadow crochet squares
I weave in all the ends

While my many undone chores had the greater claim on my time, I did manage to weave in the ends of this piece, and get a start on eight of the twenty-two squares that will comprise the next two row:

sunshine and shadow crochet squares
Eight new crochet squares to-be

And now the the piece has been rediscovered, I hope to finish it before it’s ready to start the fourth grade.