I make modest progress on my 2013 North Carolina State Fair project

Thursday night, after my most recent blog post was published, my son Simon came into town for a much anticipated visit.

I had known since sometime in August that he would be here, so when I worked out my state fair schedule, I had made sure that I did not count on being able to get any work done on my state fair project while he was here.

But not only did we manage to fit in lunch at one of my favorite places to eat:

Dame's Chicken & Waffles, Durham, North Carolina
Dame’s Chicken and Waffles Durham, NC

I did manage to make some modest progress on Cookieghan 2.0.

Here is how far I had gotten as of Friday morning:

Crochet cookies crochet blanket
My progress as of Friday morning

As sunset neared today, I had completed most of the work on five additional motifs (the row going across the top that is not yet joined to the whole):

five more crochet cookie motifs
I finish five more motifs

laid out five additional large crochet cookies:

large crochet cookies and crochet cookie motifs
I lay out five more large crochet cookies

and then laid out 40 small cookies:

five more future crochet cookie motifs
I lay out five more future cookie motifs

Tomorrow, I have few non-crochet obligations to meet, and my hope is that I am able to finish joining the top row to the body of my state fair project and get a start on joining the five new motifs.