How Clover bent-tipped yarn needles changed my life and the genius of Anne Halliday

Today, I finished the pot holders for Josef Albers, except they are really for me:

felted crochet potholders
Four felted crochet potholders for Josef Albers in shadow and sunshine

Two of the potholders took a bit longer to felt, but with another 20 minutes of effort, all four were done.

It is wonderful to have these potholders nearly ready to use (they are all done but the drying), but as unfinished objects go, they are of recent vintage having been begun on December 17, 2012.

But no matter the vintage of a particular UFO, I have a bunch of them, and it was time to on, so got out these four pocket-pals/forest-friends to-be:

crochet pocket animals
Four crochet pocket animals and forest friends to-be

As I prepared to work on them, I went in search of a light gray yarn that I know I have, but I found these first:

crochet hexagons
Crochet hexagons with ends that need to be woven in

This collection is part of a long forgotten and long abandoned project that I began in the early aughties when my youngest son (now a sophomore in high school) was much younger.

I began the project before I discovered the magic that is the Clover bent-tipped yarn needle, and while I adore Anne Halliday’s designs (of which this is one), I was soon overwhelmed by the number of ends to be woven in.

Today, however, with my Clover bent-tipped jumbo yarn needle in hand, rather than being overwhelmed by the number of ends to be woven in, I was determined to make progress. I set the pocket-pals/forest-friends aside and began to tackle the messy pile of hexagons. Two hours later, I had dinner done and had woven in the ends of these hexagons:

crochet hexagons
Crochet hexagons in their natural habitat with the ends woven in

and had a slightly larger number that still needed attention:

crochet hexagons
Crochet hexagons in their natural habitat with ends to be woven in

With Project Linus make-a-blanket day coming up soon, I am thinking that this is an excellent choice in UFOs, and finishing it will make a big dent in an even bigger mess in my yarn annex.

In the meantime, I have some ends I need to weave in.