It was a dark and rainy day

One of the most challenging aspects of the 2012 North Carolina State Fair crochet season has been working around the rain that has fallen since August 30, 2012, and while today’s rainfall probably helped my lawn, it did not help me make progress on my state fair project.

Here is what it looked like outside my house most of the day:

The gray cloud cover kept the inside of my house just as dark and drear, so rather than risk beginning to assemble my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project, only to find in the light of a day without clouds that I had made some sort of fatal color error, I instead elected to continue work on the felted fat bag-to-be, and I nearly finished the body of it before even greater drear and darkness descended:

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A view of the nearly finished body of the future felted fat bag

It would be nice, I suppose, if the weather would on occasion bend to my will, but the fact is, it doesn’t and as soon as these clouds clear enough for the sun to get through, I will be ready to take my work outside, lay the pieces out in an arrangement that pleases me, and then document the layout so that when the clouds come back (and there is every indication they will), I will be able to continue the work of assembling the pieces.

In the meantime, I had better get myself and my crochet ready for the sunshine when it finally gets here.