I make center squares for 5 more multi-color motifs-to-be

Yesterday, as I wrapped up my crocheting activity, I made one of the center squares for the multi-color motif.

Before today, I had not been able to get into any kind of rhythm with this particular motif, and because of that, I put off making them. 

But this morning, after I had gotten my son off to school and walked the dog, I picked up where I left off and got back to work on the remaining 33 multi-color motifs I need for my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project.

The first center square of the day did not go quickly, but it also did not take me as long as I had expected:

A multi-color motif-to-be with a Red Heart Super Saver medium sage center

The next square was a little trickier as I experienced some color hesitation and frogged that last three rounds several times before I was willing to let well enough alone:

A multi-color motif-to-be with Red Heart Super Saver Delft at the center

The third square, came together with no frogging whatsoever, but I left it out of the original photo shoot and so got this picture just moments before the sun set:

A multi-color motif-to-be with Red Heart Super Saver blue suede in the center just before (barely) sunset

The fourth square offered a few frustrations as it was not easy to pair up the mint colored yarn with four other colors, but eventually, I got something workable: 

A multi-color motif-to-be with a mint green vintage acyrlic in the center

When I got to the fifth square of the day, however, things just clicked, and what had just hours earlier been a trial and a chore was now simply an intriguing challenge:

A multi-color motif-to-be with a Red Heart Super Saver carrot in the center

Here is how the center squares looked for their group photo:

Five new multi-color motif centers

I am glad that I have finally arrived at a crochet sweet spot for this motif as when I wake up tomorrow, I will need to finish making the 33 additional motifs, wash and block all of the pieces, and then join them. 

When the sun rises on tomorrow, I will have just 38 days to finish this project, and I am probably going to need all 38 days.