The tau of crochet

March 14 (also known as Pi Day) is cause for celebration at my house, and we mark it by working as many of my youngest son’s favorite circular foods into the day’s menu as is possible.

Today, the same child informed me that we now have another day to celebrate: June 28, aka Tau Day.

We promptly made popcorn and drank ginger ale to belatedly mark the occasion.

Tau, a close relative of Pi, is according to Michael Hartl (among others) an even more fundamental number than the ubiquitously popular Pi, and you can read Mr. Hartl’s Tau Manifesto to learn more about this amazing and under appreciated number.

As it turned out, in addition to eating popcorn and drinking ginger ale, I spent most of my day, quite fittingly, crocheting in circles.

One of my current must-get-done projects is to complete twenty-five amigurumi (or amigurumi-like stuffed toys) to donate to UCDavis Medical Center for the Pediatric Infusion Center. I want to have this done and the animals in California by July 24. As of this morning, I had completed three.

Clearly, I had some work to do.

So with hook in hand, yarn at my side and the pdf with all of the patterns for the Pocket Animals and Forest Animals, I set to work. At first, Henri had only himself for company:

Henri surveys his domain sans companions

Using Red Heart Super Saver gold, I completed the body for a chipmunk who then joined Henri on the deck:

Henri the porcupine posing with a future chipmunk

Moving onto Red Heart Super Saver carrot, I got to work on an owl-to-be:

Henri with two additional future pocket pals

Using Red Heart Super Saver warm brown, I finished work on a racoon-to-be shortly before noon:

Henri with three future pocket pals

Sometime after finishing lunch and before starting a load of laundry, I took advantage of the mid-day sunlight to crochet with Red heart Super Saver black and begin work on a skunk:

Henri with four future pocket pals

As more of my outdoor office was blanketed in later afternoon shade, I got out my light gray yarn and got to work on a mouse-to-be:

Henri with five future pocket pals

With bodies completed for five of the remaining seven pocket/forest animals, I got out my buff yarn and made a body for the rabbit-to-be, which, when it was finished posed on the deck railing with the rest of the gang:

Henri with six future friends

By the time late afternoon had arrived, all that was left for me to do was to work on the body of a robin. Using Red Heart Super Saver coffee, I finished up the last body needed for this series of crocheted toys:

Henri with seven future pocket pals

There is still plenty of work to be done. There are ears and feet and wings and arms and muzzles to be crocheted, eyes and noses to be embroidered, and other details to be attended to, but today I made substantial progress on this project, and Saturday, when I once again have the luxury of an entire day given over to crocheting, I expect I will have another productive day.