Day 12: Row 25 and the persistence of life

Nothing, at the moment is coming easily.

I work for every square. Each circle crocheted, each end woven in, each round to make the circle square; today, each required more effort than I expected.

This is the point in a large project where you have to move forward even though you are, at times, besieged by a desire to abandon it. 

Doubts creeps in; you must ignore them. Flaws reveal themselves; you must ignore them also. 

The only impulse you can follow is the impulse to persist.

The project is to the point at where it takes on a life of its own, and life, however imperfect and limited it appears to an outsider, does not feel imperfect and limited to the possessor. 

My project is at the point where it is becoming an entity separate from me; it wants to exist.

So, I do it’s bidding.

Here is what I managed to do today:

A view of row 25 with leaves and rain in the background
A detail of row 25
A side view of row 25