My 1800th blog post

In late February of 2010, I decided it would be a good idea to start writing about my crochet, and on March 1 of that same year, I began my blog.

At that time, I wrote about crochet every single day. Rain, shine, or exhaustion — nothing it seemed (except for the occasional power or internet outage) could stop me.

I wrote about Edith Proctor, the women who taught me to crochet, I wrote about things I had already made — like this green eggs and hamigurumi— and I began to document my adventures in crochet the first one being about “The afghan that eluded me.”

Now I write just three times a week, but the days and the weeks and the years have added up, and tonight marks my 1800th blog post. For whatever reason, something about making it to a number that ends in zero seems more momentous in a way that reaching an even larger number (say 1801) does not.

But I digress.

My crochet adventure of late has been a scrap yarn crochet ripple afghan that is designed to use the myriad yarn scraps that have accumulated in the years since I first began writing about my crochet.

Using a basic crochet ripple pattern, I have, of late, been working to transform my many yarn scraps into an object that is both aesthetically appealing and useful.

With today’s weather being somewhat cooler than yesterday’s, I spent a good amount of my crochet time outdoors, crocheting en plein air and putting the exquisite light to good use.

With my crochet kit at the ready:

crochetbug, crochet took kit, yarn scraps, scissors, crochet hooks
My tools of the trade at the ready

I continued working on the crochet ripple afghan working one stitch and then another until I had completed a row, then making a chain, turning the work, and beginning the row anew. By the time my dog was ready for his late afternoon/early evening walk, I had gotten this far:

crochetbug, scrap yarn crochet, scrap yarn ripple afghan, scrap yarn crochet ripple blanket, textured crochet throw, textured crochet blanket
One side of the scrap yarn crochet ripple afghan

Curious to see how the “other side” looked, I turned it over and took this photo:

crochetbug, scrap yarn crochet, scrap yarn ripple afghan, scrap yarn crochet ripple blanket, textured crochet throw, textured crochet blanket
The other side of the scrap yarn crochet ripple afghan

I don’t know how the project will look when it is finally done. It will depend on what yarn scraps I have left as I work my way through what I have got, but I know this is an adventure I am happy to be on, working my way through to the finishing, one stitch at a time.

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4 thoughts on “My 1800th blog post

  1. Congratulations on 1800!!!!! I love the scrappy ripple!!!! I look forward to your blog posts! They make my day🙋

  2. Woah, 1800 is a huge accomplishment! Congrats! I’ve been blogging for a similar time frame and definitely do not have that many posts haha!

    I absolutely love your case, it’s so cute! Looks like the afghan is coming along very nicely!

  3. One stitch and one blog at a time and look what you have accomplished!!!
    Congrats o your 1800th!!!
    Still stoning over the scrap ripple!! Big case of crochet envy wishing it were mine!

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