Munchkin crochet hat fever

In November of 2011, someone close to me asked if I had any crochet item lying around the house that would be a suitable gift for a baby shower.

As it happened, I didn't, but I did have an enormous stash to work from, so using some yarn I had then recently acquired, a 5.0 mm hook, and a free pattern that is no longer available, I made this munchkin crochet hat:

munchkin crochet hat
Stash busting munchkin crochet hat

got it packed up and sent out.

Four months later, I got this adorable photo of the munchkin for whom I had crocheted the munchkin hat wearing it in all of her munchkin glory:

baby with a munchkin crochet hat
Bundle of joy in a munchkin crochet hat

Fast forward to last week.

I found myself looking over the feed on my Facebook account and noticed that a friend had posted a photo of a cute baby. After carefully looking it over, I could see not one scrap of crochet anywhere on or around the baby.

Not a blanket, not a bow, not a flower, not a hat.

"Cute baby," I said, but where, I wanted to know, was the crochet?

I eventually caught up with the friend whose posted the photo and offered to remedy the situation. After a short discussion, we decided on a munchkin crochet hat. One for the baby whose photo I had seen, and one for another cousin who had been born three weeks earlier.

So today, after I had spent the afternoon working around a weirdness I was experiencing with my Flickr account, I decided to set that project aside and start work on the hats so I could feel that I had accomplished something.

The whole weekend had been gray and overcast except for when it was gray and foggy, and that seemed to have influence my color choice. Instead of the usual retinal damage palette I gravitate to, I found myself using Red Heart Super Saver light gray and some (to my mind) subdued pastels.

Because of the decision I made to use one color for the odd rounds and to use six colors in a rainbow progression for the even rounds, the work went very slowly, but eventually I did make progress.

Here (with all of the ends bunched up inside the hat) is how far I had gotten when the day was about to be swallowed by the sunset:

baby munchkin crochet hat
I start on a new munchkin crochet hat

I am, at this point, second guessing my decision to use gray, but for now, I will persist, moving forward the only way possible: one stitch at a time.

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